Saturday, May 02, 2009

Together through Life

The blood of Bob Dylan runs through my little baby’s veins. Well close. Actually, Che Dominguez’ blood was transfused into Judy’s body just before she gave birth to baby yol. Che (Thanks again Che!) is the wife of the great Boy Dominguez, visual artist but better known in our circles as Boy D- the undisputed Bob Dylan of Krus na Ligas!

But seriously, Yolena may yet be the youngest Dylan fan at 1 month old. She likes it when I sing Dylan songs to her. She particularly likes the newer songs from Time out of Mind (Make you feel my love), and Modern Times (beyond the horizon, spirit on the water, when the deal goes down). When the deal goes down hands down is her favourite (our favourite actually-me, judy and yolena) and is track 01 in the soundtrack of our new journey.

So, we’re now moving together through life—which leads us to the latest Dylan album. His 38th if am not mistaken. Released last APril 28, 2009, Together Through Life is yet another timeless Dylan album. Yolena and I have listened to the new album on our few road trips together and i think she likes this one as well. I intend to buy the original album, and leave it unopened inside Yolena's treasure chest/box for her to re-discover when she's older.