Monday, July 05, 2004

My old friend Steve

I got hold of Steve Earle’s Transcendental Blues album a couple of months ago and it has been spinning oh so constantly in my cd player. If I were to compile a cd about my own struggle to transcend, two of Mr. Earle’s songs would surely be included- transcendental blues and the classic My old friend the blues. These two songs written almost 15 years apart (My old friend.. from 1986 album Guitar Town and transcendental blues in 2000) express so plainly and yet so eloquently the pain of lost love and yet almost in the same breath the soothing and liberating power of music over the pain. Thanks to steve earle’s blues I know its just a matter of time before I get my guitar and my harmonicas packing and hit the road to transcendence. Rock on!

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Anonymous said...

Steve's Transcendental Blues sounds nostaglic, if not transcendental, perfect for beating the blues.....:) if only that could be part of the mix you promised me. -- uma