Thursday, May 10, 2007

beat photography

May 7, 2007, KYOTO--The website said it is near the north entrance of Doshisya University and the Imperial Palace and close to the Imadegawa Subway Station. I made the pilgrimage to Honyarado upon the gentle persuasion of singer-songwriter/poet Jess Santiago who visited this place last year. The small poster announcing Koyang’s performance here still hangs in the bathroom wall.

Spent the whole afternoon with Japanese Photographer Kai Fusayhoshi. Kai is an interesting individual. He showed me some of his photo books where I got a glimpse of the beauty and character of Kyoto in black and white. His works have drawn references as much to fellow photographers as to poets and intellectuals. Allusions to Charles Bukowski, Kant, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg as well as to Japanese intellectuals, novelists and artists accompany his photographs providing hints to the ideologies and idiosyncrasies of Kai and Honyarado. His photographs are soulful.

Sitting here in Honyarado looking at the black and white photographs some almost as old as I am, you can feel the history of the place. I feel lucky to be here, to be photographed by Kai and to photograph him. He says that soon this place maybe no more. Some “stupid dispute with the landlord” he says.

In the meantime, let me enjoy my all malt Japanese beer in peace.

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